For Program Director Kelli Estrada, working in Gulf Coast JFCS Family Reunification Services means "helping families be whole again" by going the extra mile with intensive, family-centered services.


Daily food insecurity is the harsh and devastating reality for an alarmingly high number of local families. Lack of adequate food and nutrition has consequences well beyond just an empty table and going to bed hungry. For many, it's the difference between keeping a family whole or a child potentially returning to foster care.


Gulf Coast JFCS Family Reunification Services counselors and coordinators are leveraging your generous outpouring of support to meet families with groceries in hand and resources in their back pocket ready to help families through crisis and towards a more sustainable future.


Many families that Gulf Coast JFCS serve struggle to provide food for themselves and their children. The Gulf Coast JFCS William and Sally Israel Food Pantry supports families and individuals in need including through our Family Reunification Services program.

Your support ensures program counselors and coordinators can access healthy food items when needed by families experiencing food insecurity. Removing worry about food shortages allows families to focus on other vital building blocks for healthy families. Please consider supporting those in need through the following ways: