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Meetings are held from September to June, normally on the second Sunday of each month, beginning at 1:30 PM. Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are held at the offices of Gulf Coast Family and Community Services in Clearwater.


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Jewish Genealogical Society of Tampa Bay


Sephardic Genealogy

Presentation by Gary Fernandez

Sunday, May 21, 2023



The Jewish Genealogical Society of Tampa Bay’s May 2023, meeting will be both and in person and a virtual meeting (Webinar) held online using Zoom.

Date:          Sunday, Mayt 21, 2023


Time:          Social with refreshments begins at 1:30 p.m.; Program – 2 p.m.


Place:         In Person: Gulf Coast Jewish Family and Community Services

                   14041 Icot Blvd., Clearwater, FL  33760
                   Online: Zoom (RSVP information below)


Program:   “Sephardic Genealogy”


Speaker:    Gary Fernandez: Rabbi at Synagogue Beth Israel in Sanford Florida 


     Rabbi Gary Fernandez will speak about Sephardic (also spelled Sefardic) genealogy drawing on his extensive experience with the Sephardic diaspora throughout the Mediterranean and Latin American world.  He will provide a foundation of knowledge about the origins of Sephardic Jewish culture and trace the development of Sephardic communities following their expulsion from Iberia.  He will also speak to the possible resources available to trace Sephardic family ties.

      Rabbi Fernandez has been the head rabbi of the Messianic Synagogue Beth Israel in  Sanford, Fla., since 2001. He is also the President of Aliyah Sefarad International, a humanitarian organization dedicated to the Sephardic cause. In addition, Rabbi Fernandez is the official spokesperson to the Hispanic Communities for EZRA International, a Christian nonprofit that says it “that helps the poorest of the poor Jewish people make Aliyah.”

      He has spoken at conferences in the United States, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean regarding Sephardic genealogy, DNA and the genetic disorder Machado Joseph Disease (MJD). He has appeared in newspaper and mgazine articles and interviews on radio and television.

      In-person attendees can socialize and use JGSTB’s library before watching Rabbi Gary together via Zoom. Reservation is not required if you intend to attend our meeting in person. If you do attend in person, please bring a food donation for the Gulf Coast Family and Community Services food pantry. Thank you!

In-person attendees can socialize and use JGSTB’s library before watching Yadin together via Zoom.
Online attendees must reserve to receive sign-on instructions. You can do this on our Reservation Page. The program is free to members and $5 for non-members. Dues, which will run through 2023, are $25 for single members and $35 for couples/families and can be paid through  our Dues Payment Page.

     For specific questions please contact Bruce Hadburg at 727-796-7981, or email him at For more information about the Jewish Genealogical Society of Tampa Bay, go to






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