Sunday, April 11, 2021
1:30pm - 4:00pm: JGSTB Zoom Meeting: "A Guided Tour of the Price Library of Judaicaā€¯

With holdings of over 120,000 volumes, and digital collections comprising more than 250,000 pages of content, the Isser and Rae Price Library of Judaica at the University of Florida, is considered the foremost Jewish studies research collection in the southeastern United States.

The Price Library of Judaica was established in 1977 with the purchase from a personal collection of a professor of Jewish history at the Hebrew Theological College in Chicago, Rabbi Leonard C. Mishkin. His personal collection of books, then the largest private library of Judaica in the United States had over 30,000 volumes covering virtually every area of scholarship and in a wide variety of languages.
  Monday, April 12, 2021
  Tuesday, April 13, 2021
2:00pm: JewishGen Presentation: What Jewish Genealogists Need to Know about Jewish Given Names

All genealogy research starts with names. Though that statement seems simple enough, in the world of our ancestors, names and the issues governing them, could be quite complex. Among other topics, this talk will cover how Jews got their names, what names were chosen, amuletic names, diminutives and spelling, and what happened to names after emigration from Eastern and Central Europe. A case study will demonstrate how understanding all of the above demolished a long-standing brick wall and carried the Amdur family tree back to the early 1700s. "What Jewish Genealogists Need to Know about Jewish Given Names, by Dr. Sallyann Amdur Sack"
  Wednesday, April 14, 2021
  Thursday, April 15, 2021
  Friday, April 16, 2021
  Saturday, April 17, 2021
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